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The Most Gorgeous Doll on Earth! EVERRRRRR

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nicolitis asked → oozaki nana or komatsu nana ?

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Is anyone else laughing drastically about how perfect these two are?

I can’t tell if Soom feels challenged by the fact Luts is now putting out fantasy parts and this is there comeback, or if this is just the most perfect timing ever. 

All I know is I’ve never felt so persuaded to ship stock photos of dolls before. Shame I can’t buy them both.

On the left is Luts Moonlit Song Pegasus Jamong

On the right is Sooms Death Knight centaur Shale 

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Like!!! Like…………..!!???

PERFECT COINCIDENCEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so much adore Luts wings, especially the rainbow semitransparent ones.. They are just so damn gorgeous.. PERFEEEECT!

But, GOD! If I can just have both! & keep staring at them all the time!!!! <3

make me choose » Zero Kiryuu or Sho Fuwa asked by fadumahira88

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Commander Shepard cosplay is finished ^__^

She is a character from videogame trilogy Mass Effect along with Tali’Zorah vas Normandy. Our (my and my gf) commander was custom, so this cosplay is 100% like she was in the game =)

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